Focused on your success

Innovation is the key to thrive in a tough economy. Our job is to find ways to use web technologies to increase your revenue and decrease your expenses through innovation. We are a group of business-minded web professionals who know what does and what doesn't get results. The Web can help you create new products to reach untapped markets or free your people from busy work to concentrate on what you hired them to do.

Who we are

Aslan Interactive, Inc. is a Chicago Web design, development, strategy and SEO firm providing custom web solutions serving small and medium size businesses. Based near Naperville, IL, we are centrally located to serve the Chicago area with personalized service.

We're using "best of class" Web 2.0 Rich Internet Application technologies. Web technologies are constantly evolving. The Internet is no longer confined to your browser as a source of information. Now the Internet permeates our lives in our TVs, phones and cars. The Internet is now more interactive than ever. We are one of the first company to use the newest Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies such as Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR.