Responsive Web Design

Increasingly, web users are accessing websites with their mobile phones. Phones and tablets are more accessible than laptops and desktop computers. We all have our phones with us where ever we go. It’s becoming increasingly important for websites to be “mobile friendly”.

Google has a tool that tests and ranks websites for mobile friendliness.  Click here to see how scores.


responsive web design
responsive design process

Responsive Design Process

After we determine the content to be viewed on the website, we layout the content in different screen widths using Photoshop. Once the screen width designs are approved, we begin coding the pages. Using HTML5 and CSS3, we code the page using triggers to change the layout when the window width reaches a specific width threshold.

Designing and building websites using responsive design to make the site mobile friendly adds time to the development process. However, it is well worth the extra resources. The website will look better to a wider audience and will rank better on search engines. We use responsive WordPress themes and the Twitter’s Bootstrap CSS framework to more quickly develop responsive websites.