Krex Inc.


Krex provides value-added products and services that help new car dealerships stand out from their aftermarket competitors and create unparalleled customer experiences.  The objective is to help dealerships retain their customers after the sales process.  We partnered with Krex to build four web applications, a marketing web site, a car dealer interface, a car owner interface, and an administration interface.

In the Summer of 2015, we partnered with Krex to launch the newest version of their marketing website,  Built on the WordPress content management framework, we designed and developed a custom child theme for the Divi WordPress theme.  The theme uses responsive single-page web design methods.

Customers of car dealerships may login in to to review their vehicles benefits and manage their accounts. the car owners may also register for text alerts from the dealership reminding them of their service appointments.

New car dealers have an application where they can manage customers, enroll customers into the Drive-Sure benefits program, and print service reminder static window stickers.

Application Administration

The most powerful portion of the application is only available to Krex Inc. sales representatives and administrators.  Using the administration web application, Krex staff can manage dealerships, customers and run a variety of sales reports.  The reports are used for accounting and sales purposes. Periodically, ROI reports are sent to sales staff and clients to help monitor the success of the program.