Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ranking high on search engines is very important to most of our clients. We spend time learning the latest techniques to help search engines index and rank Web sites appropriately based on targeted keywords. Beware of companies that claim to “trick” the search engines or promise top 10 listings. An optimized website is a long term venture with steady gains when done right.

SEO services we provide:

  • Determine appropriate keywords to target – Here we figure out what your customers are searching for. The vocabulary your customers use is often different than yours.
  • Test your keywords – Using Google Adwords we can immediately drive a small amount of traffic to your site to test which keywords perform the best.
  • Plan the Information Architecture – If people and search engines cannot find the content you want them to read, then it’s worthless. We take the time to determine the best navigation to present important content.
  • Optimize the website to target chosen keywords – Using the list of targeted keywords, we then build the site using the keywords in strategic areas using the current SEO best practices.
  • Track keyword performance – Using web traffic analysis through Google Analytics and Adwords, we track keyword performance.
  • Learn and revise – As time goes on, we re-evaluate keyword performance. If we find that other keywords are stronger than others, we’ll make adjustments to either maintain or improve search engine ranking.
  • Content Consulting – We will work with you to build content on your site that increases your search engine rankings.