High Visibility Cloud Web Hosting

A Fast, Reliable, Cost Effective Way to Host Your Web Property

We Host Our Client’s Web Applications

Don’t trust your website to an overloaded, discount hosting company. Currently we host 95% of our client’s websites on our high visibility cloud servers at Rackspace. Why?

Our clients have only one point of contact for all website support issues

Imagine, It’s Friday afternoon and you are experiencing an issue with your web site.  Typically, the web developer and the hosting provider are two different parties.  Who do you call.  You may choose to call your web developer who may say, “It’s a problem at the hosting provider.”  Or you call your hosting provider who says, “There is an issue with the web site’s code.”  Our clients only need to call us.  We have our own servers that we maintain ourselves.  Whatever the issue, we are here to fix it 24/7

We know both our client’s applications and the server environment

We have found that having knowledge of the server environment helps us to more efficiently build quality web applications for our clients.  Using our cloud computing infrastructure we can offer our client a variety of cost effective options to hosting their web application.

For instance, your website may host many large files for digital download.  We can easily mount inexpensive cloud bulk file storage to the web server without increasing the size of the web server.

Or maybe you need your own could database server instance to run reports.  We can easily create a new MySQL cloud server instance that you can use to run reports without impacting the performance of your website.

As our client’s websites become popular, we monitor performance and scale the infrastructure to handle the traffic.  If your e-commerce site begins to experience and increase in traffic around the holiday season, or you send out a massive direct marketing campaign, we can quickly increase resources to handle the increased server load.  It’s the beauty of cloud computing.

We are fanatical about security

We strongly dislike being hacked.  No. We hate being hacked.  That’s why we lock down our servers to only essential traffic.  We’ve been hosting our own servers since 2003.  Over the years we’ve learned a thing or two about server security.

Multiple Redundant Backups

We’ve learned our lesson on backing up data.  Every night we backup every client database and file in two different locations outside the datacenter.  We save these backups for 90 days.  In addition, we create a server image of every server.  Each server image is stored for 7 days.  In the event of a failure, we have multiple options to quickly restore your web application so that you are quickly back in business.