disfutaillinoisScreenShotOn September 23rd, 2008 the Illinois Bureau of Tourism launched a redesign of the disfrutaillinois.comwebsite, the Spanish version of the enjoyillinois.com site. Aslan Interactive, Inc. was hired by a Chicago advertising firm to build the disfrutaillinois.comwebsite. The advertising firm provided design direction and content creation while Aslan built the site using XHTML, CSS and Flash Video.

The website is designed to help visitors to Illinois to find interesting attractions througout the state. A visitor may explore 3 day getaway packages or view attractions based on a particular season.

The site features an interactive flash movie on the home page. Actors were hired by the advertising agency to be filmed on a green screen. The video footage of the actors was then placed on a background depicting a kitchen. The website visitor may click on actors and various items in the kitchen to explore other areas of the site. The video streams in a Flash movie of which allowed developers to add the interactive features.

Visitors may also reserve hotel rooms via an integration with Hotels.com. Each “Vacaciones de 3 Días” (3 Day Getaway) page contains a form to reserve hotel rooms in the featured Illinois cities. From this form the user can can select the desired dates, rooms and people for the reservation. A IBOT branded Hotels.com page appears with a list of available hotels in the Illinois city.